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Welcome to the SolidWorks Learning Center. As requested by many, we are pleased to bring you the SolidWorks Video Tutorial Series! In this series, you will be able to learn the basic SolidWorks skills through different short tutorial videos.  

Introduction to SolidWorks


Lesson 1: Advanced Assembly.

Getting Started: Toy Car-Read and learn how to make a Toy Car with SolidWorks.

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 9

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 8

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 7

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 6

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 5

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 4

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 3

The SolidWorks Interface-Lesson 2

Introducing SolidWorks- Lesson 1

How to use the sketcher – 4min

How to use the line tool – 4min

Draw a rectangle – 2min

Create circles and arcs – 5min

Add geometric relations – 4min

Work smart with dimensions – 4min

Extrudes sketch to create solid feature – 6min

Use Revolve feature to create 3D geometry – 2min

The Convert Entities sketch tool – 2min

Sketches on faces – 1min 

The shell feature – 2min

♦ Introducing assemblies - 1min

Starting an assembly – 2min

♦ Inserting components into an assembly - 2min

♦ Adding mates - 2min

Collision detection – 2min

♦ Introducing Drawings - 5min

Introducing Model View  – 5min

Generating a Bill Of Materials (BOM)  – 5min

“How to” SolidWorks videos  

♦  Scale a model for rapid prototyping – 2min

♦  Drive an assembly using an Excel Spreadsheet – 6min

♦  Control offset distance and spacing in an assembly – 2min

♦  Delay rebuild in a sketch until dimensions are inserted – 2min

♦  Mate an O-Ring into a groove – 3min

♦  Fill the inner cavity of a valve body – 3min

♦  Selective Display – 1min

♦  Collision Detection Tool – 1min

♦  Design Clipart – 1min

♦  Hole Alignment - 1min

♦  Using Design Check Plot to Improve the Quality – 1min

♦  Animation Tip: Dynamic Section View – 3min

  Getting Ready for Certified SolidWorks Associate Exam   As a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA), you will stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market. CSWA certification is proof of your SolidWorks® expertise – cutting-edge skills that businesses seek out and reward.  

Preparing for the exam – 2min

Review exam questions – 2min

Understand design intend – 4min

Apply standard mates – 4min

Reference geometry – 3min

Drawing views – 1min

Simulation and FEA – 1min

Passing the exam – 1min