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Blog for topics related to the SolidWorks Asia Pacific Community including company news, product updates, local events, etc. Learn more about the SolidWorks community in your region and participate and network with other members. Blog hosted by the SolidWorks Asia Pacific Team.

The Blog Squad:

Name: Azhar Athly
Years using SolidWorks: 3
Speciality/Role: Editor

Hi, I’m from Singapore. Currently an honours-year student in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore, specializing in Aeronautical Engineering. I interned at 3D ClassWorks, a SolidWorks Value-Added Reseller for the Education sector in Singapore, where I assisted with training high school students in using SolidWorks. I also emerged champion in SolidWorks Skills Competition 2011 for the Asia-Pacific region. Avid pc gamer in my free time. Devout follower of Formula 1, and forever a fan of Ferrar

Name: Ba Thong Phan
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 9
Speciality/Role: Product Manager PDM / Editor

Hi. That’s me. I’m from Singapore. I was born in Vietnam, educated in France but travelling around the world since 1994. After few years in Boston (MA), Bethlehem (PA) and Beijing, I spent my last 9 years in Singapore. I started my career working in 3D back in 1985 right after graduating from INSA Lyon. I like Latino music (Cha-cha, Salsa, Bachata, …), photography and reading (any kind of reading from books, newspaper, blog, …) .

Name: Deepak Gupta
Industry experience: Around 8.5 years
Company: Design centre in New Delhi, India

Hello, I’m from Chandigarh (India), 29 yrs old, graduated in 2000 from Indo Swiss Training Centre, (Chandigarh, India). Specialized in Die & Mould and nowadays work on Product Development at a design centre in New Delhi, India. I’m an internet and big home addict. Keep watching, I can be online anytime of the day. Travel every weekend to my hometown and spend time my family. Started working on SolidWorks around 5 yrs back and from then onwards SolidWorks is part of my life. I am open any time to discuss about SolidWorks. I simply love the software. I love to hangout with friends and meet new people. Love to listen to soft romantic music (mostly Hindi and Punjabi).
My blog: http://gupta9665.wordpress.com/