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SolidWorks Automation Tips

SolidWorks Automation Tips

4 April, 2014

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SolidWorks is one of the most powerful yet easy to learn and implement 3D modeling software in the market today. SolidWorks as a software has many features and shortcuts that can considerably increase productivity and decrease the time required to complete the design.

Read below some of these features and shortcuts, including how to properly use them to increase productivity.

Shortcut 1: Views

Let’s assume we’ve drawn a box like the one in the screenshot below, and you want to select a view, just right click in your design space and move the mouse slightly and you’ll find a selection wheel where you can select the view you prefer, this can be very useful as an alternative to going to the view menu and selecting the view you want.

Shortcut 2: Tool Bar

Let’s assume we’ve drawn a box like the one in the screenshot below, and we want to get to the tool bar, just unselect everything and in the design space press (s) you’ll find that a short cut has appeared where you can do many operations (e.g. extrude, sweep, extrude cut, revolve, loft, boundary boss, revolve cut, sweep cut, lofted cut, boundary cut, fillet, hole wizard and many more), this shortcut is very handy and useful as it saves you the time to go to the command manager at the top of the SolidWorks window and selecting the command you want from it.

Feature 1: Hole Wizard The Hole Wizard feature is a real time saver; it won’t only save you time but a lot of inconvenience. When using the Hole Wizard feature you can choose one of the many preconfigured hole designs that are available in SolidWorks, to use the hole wizard; let’s assume we’ve the same box drawing and we want to create a hole in just select the face you want and press (s, shortcut 2) and select the hole wizard from the tool, the wizard would appear on the left hand side as seen below in the screenshot, you configure the wizard and the hole would be created automatically.

The Secret to Growing Your Business With SolidWorks

These tips can help an individual be better work more efficiently, but as an organization, how do you take advantage of the many features of SolidWorks? How can you make best use of all these available SolidWorks resources and solutions so your business can grow further? Growing your business requires the right plan, the right people, and the right tools. Click the image below to watch a video for an overview of the different ways SolidWorks solutions can empower the growth of your business. http://bit.ly/1q3ffEx

Feature 2: Design Library

One of the most time saving features in SolidWorks is the design library, let’s assume that you have a component that you continuously use in the majority of your designs, SolidWorks allow you to save that component in the design library to reuse it in any of your designs in a fast and convenient way.

Let’s assume that we’ve the motor seen below in the screenshot and we use it in many of our designs, just go to the design library at the right hand side of the SolidWorks screen and create a new folder and give it a name (e.g. motor) then click on the add to library icon, a new window menu will appear at the left hand side just select the motor and then finish the process by pressing the green tick.

These were some of the handy features and shortcuts in SolidWorks that would increase the design automation process.

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