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3 Essential Modeling Exercises for Beginners in 3D

3 Essential Modeling Exercises for Beginners in 3D

29 November, 2013

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Getting into 3D modeling for the first time can be overwhelming. Where and how do you begin? Should you start modeling your favorite Ferrari or Lamborghini car, or something that has been in your imagination that you wanted to make?

Basic modeling exercises are important because it reinforces the essential techniques while at the same time being able to experiment a bit. It’s important to start with these 4 easy exercises to help you successfully learn all the foundational techniques before you start building more complex models.

Model #1: Wine Glass
This is one of the important beginner projects in 3D modeling courses. The shape is familiar, and the techniques used are very basic. This means that you will be able to get a nice-looking model quickly and very easily. You can use the skills that you’ve learned here to model other cylindrical shapes with radial symmetry such as pots, glasses, lamps, and rocket ships.

Model #2: Table and Chair
The next model is also quite simple but it is a good way to familiarize with modeling techniques like edge insertion and extrusion in a simple way. Almost every modeling project uses these techniques so it is important to build a strong foundation on this basic skill so you can tackle the complex forms later on. This also teaches you proportion, design, and 3D forms.

Model #3: Arch
An arch is not a super complicated shape, but modeling one does require a bit of problem solving and decision-making. They are a common element in architecture, and the repetitive curves can also be applied for mechanical design applications.

Moving to 3D Design Is Not That Hard
If you’re used to working with 2D files, you might think it hard to shift to 3D modeling and design. With some practice and exercise on the basic fundamentals, you’ll find that designing in 3D is easier and more efficient.

Go ahead and watch the video below as we demonstrate how transitioning form 2D is 3D is made easy with SolidWorks:
Easily make the transition from 2D Drawings to 3D Models and Design Images

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