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3 Ways Solar Infra, Inc. Made a Breakthrough in Solar Panel Design using SolidWorks

3 Ways Solar Infra, Inc. Made a Breakthrough in Solar Panel Design using SolidWorks

22 November, 2013

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Solar Infra, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of solar panels who wanted to overcome the environmental limitations of your typical solar arrays. They wanted to extend the reach of solar power by developing an array that also captures infrared light, as well as integrating the DC-to-AC inversion internally in the design. Solar Infra chose SolidWorks 3D CAD and SolidWorks Simulation software in order to save time, reduce costs and finally unlock a potential breakthrough in solar panel design.

Breakthrough Solar Panel Design
The company was able to overcome two design challenges that has been a problem in solar array design.

The first was sustaining environmental loads—being able to withstand hurricane-force winds, carry several feet of snow, and endure extreme temperatures without increasing weight. The second challenge was extending the lifecycle of DC-to-AC batteries up to 25 years by incorporating a micro-inverter as part of the module rather than a separate component.

Increased Panel Frame Strength
The first challenge was overcome by using SolidWorks Simulation to test and validate the design ideas in software, instead of building prototypes. They replicated the structural and thermal loads commonly experienced in extreme environments to make sure that the design can withstand those conditions.

Their tests led them to design a solar panel array that is only 4% heavier, but double the strength of previous designs.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs by 25%
As a direct result of saving money from building prototypes, they were able to save $100,000 in prototype development costs and 25% on manufacturing costs and operating expenses. The integration between SolidWorks 3D CAD and SolidWorks Simulation ensured that efficiency is maximized from designing the product to manufacturing it.

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