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5 Best New Features of SolidWorks 2014 (and what it means for you!)

5 Best New Features of SolidWorks 2014 (and what it means for you!)

1 November, 2013

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The latest version SolidWorks 2014 features an evolutionary approach in product development. They incorporated many of the enhancements suggested by its users, concentrating on the whole user experience instead of adding in more fancy tools. After all, the focus is really all about improving how engineers and designers use the software. The new features and functionality of SolidWorks 2014 is dictated by this principle.

Here we feature 5 of these new features, and explain what it means for you as the end user. This list, although not exhaustive, gives an overview of the benefits for current users, but especially for those who are considering implementing a 3D CAD system or improving on their current one.

#1: More Efficient Use of System Resources
One of the best improvements made was the increased performance of SolidWorks through a more efficient use of system resources. While it’s not exactly revolutionary, this is important for engineers because this means that it can speed up designing of repeatable designs, make plastic injection molding design easier, as well as faster design validation through faster simulation. Software that runs faster is obviously more efficient, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

#2: Easier Collaboration Between Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
There is a global trend in manufacturing that leads towards electronics connectivity in mechanical products. This means that there is a growing trend towards tools for systems engineering integrating both electrical with mechanical designs.

Electrical engineers and mechanical engineers can now collaborate easier with the integrated electrical functionality of SolidWorks 2014. This means that it is now easier to design and route wires in the 3D models using information from the 2D electrical schematics. Collaboration is also done in real-time, reducing the time it takes to coordinate designs from electrical and mechanical engineers.

#3: Comparing Designs Simultaneously With Simulation
Old versions of SolidWorks Simulation is only able to show one active configuration at a time when simulating events. The Compare Results Tool is only useful for looking at data from across results based on the same configuration.

Now, however, using the same Compare Results Tool, you can compare up to four simulation plots across studies from among any configuration of the model. This means that you can immediately evaluate the differences in performance in the different variations of your design! You are now able to determine much faster which of your design improvements really made the better difference.

#4: Advanced Shape Control and Sketch Capabilities
This means that you can create complex surfaces and organic shapes faster, easier and with more precise control. The new style spline functionality makes creating complex geometries easier and simpler. Sketching is also improved with more robust and powerful sketch capabilities such as replacing sketch entities and path length dimensions for multiple sketch entities.

#5: Customer-Requested Enhancements
SolidWorks made it clear that they really listen to you who actually use the products. In the latest version SolidWorks 2014, over 90% of all the enhancements made came from customer requests.

Better tools for easier splines, new tools for sheet metal gussets, flexible dimensioning for angular features, and improved file management and product cost analysis for manufacturing. These are all important features that improve on existing capabilities, but definitely help deliver overall greater productivity and ease-of-use.

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