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3 Ways SolidWorks Helped Modular Services Company Save Time (and Money)

3 Ways SolidWorks Helped Modular Services Company Save Time (and Money)

25 October, 2013

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Modular Services Company designs, fabricates and manufactures headwall systems for use in patient-care and clinical environments. Headwall systems are architectural panels designed for installing on the headboards of patient’s hospital beds. These panels typically contain gas, power, data and communications equipment to facilitate and simplify healthcare.

1. Accelerated Product Development
Although the company has a range of standard products, they still innovate and come up with customized headwall systems and accessories to better serve the needs of customers and architects.

Their innovation product is the PumpStar transport system designed for ICUs and operating room environments that is designed to replace the clutter and inconvenience of separate pumps, IV stands, and medication delivery system.

Their product development engineer considered that while SolidWorks and other 3D CAD systems may look the same on paper, SolidWorks is much more efficient and intuitive at every step of the product development process.

They also noted that SolidWorks is able to provide them greater flexibility in modifying and customizing existing products to meet changing customer requirements. They are able to change sizes, add special functionalities, and make modifications to existing products more quickly and cost-effectively.

2. Improved Manufacturing Efficiencies
They also chose SolidWorks as the 3D platform of choice so they can use 3D data for use in their computer-aided manufacturing system. They wanted a 3D CAD software that can produce 2D design data for use in their sheet-metal lasers and sheet-metal brakes.

Because some of the parts are quite complex, the sheet metal and configuration capabilities of SolidWorks is critical to producing higher quality throughput in manufacturing. After installing SolidWorks, they were able to improve their ability to handle large assemblies and was able to complete the entire project much more efficiently.

As an example, converting a 2D sheet-metal flat pattern to 3D took up to 4 hours in another 3D CAD software depending on the complexity of the drawing. This however, only took about 2 minutes by using SolidWorks.

3. Flexibility for Communicating Designs
SolidWorks also has better tools for communicating design concepts through the use of eDrawings Viewer. They typically use this to communicate design concepts to customers and doctors who work with them to help better design their products. They were able to use the photorealistic renderings as illustrations in their marketing brochures as well.

Ultimately, SolidWorks was able to provide Modular Services Company simple and easy to use tools that help them create products from concept to production, and by improving efficiencies along the way, they are able to save time and money.

How Can SolidWorks Do This For Your Company?
To discover how SolidWorks can improve your design and engineering processes, simply click the link below and register with your details to sign-up for a free SolidWorks Trial. This way, you can see for yourself the difference of using SolidWorks.

Experience Firsthand How SolidWorks Can Make A Difference In Your Own Environment

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