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10 Really Useful SolidWorks Tips and Tricks

10 Really Useful SolidWorks Tips and Tricks

18 October, 2013

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With the many features and capabilities of the SolidWorks software, knowing what keyboard shortcuts to use will save you time because you no longer have to search for it in all the menus. But it’s not just the keyboard shortcuts that can make your work easier and faster, but also knowing how and when to use the exact tools when you need it gives you the advantage that not all SolidWorks users may have.

You’ll benefit most from this is you’re only learning the software, but even long-time users may pick-up some tips from this 10 really useful list of tips and tricks:

1. Click Window > New Window to open a new instance of the file you are viewing. Use one of the windows to zoom in for precision work and see your work update in the other window.

2. Zoom to Fit by pressing the ‘F’ key. In one keystroke, you get a screen-sized overview of your work.

3. Check the degree of curvature in a spline by right-clicking the spline and selecting Show Curvature. If the degree of curvature is too small or too large, you can change the display by selecting Modify Curvature Scale on the same menu.

4. Right-click a Drawing View and select Show In Exploded State to easily create an exploded view of an assembly.

5. If you want to edit a part in an assembly, you can make the other components to become transparent, so it is easier to select the part that you want to edit: simply right-click Components and select Change Transparency.

6. Use Interference Detection to make sure the components in your assembly do not intersect one another.

7. Easily change a solid body to a surface body by deleting one of the solid’s faces.

8. Run Import Diagnosis after importing a file into SolidWorks to find any faulty faces or edges. This tool can repair these errors or eliminate them so you do not run into problems later on.

9. Align and space multiple dimensions in a drawing by selecting the dimensions, then using the on-screen Dimensions Palette. Your work will look much neater and easier to understand with properly aligned dimensions.

10. Use SolidWorks Copy Settings Wizard to save your user interface customization settings. This way, you do not have to spend time rearranging your interface or looking for a misplaced toolbar.

The Secret to Growing Your Business With SolidWorks Solutions
These tips can help an individual be better work more efficiently, but as an organization, how do you take advantage of the many features of SolidWorks? How can you make best use of all these available SolidWorks resources and solutions so your business can grow further?

Growing your business requires the right plan, the right people, and the right tools. Click the image below to watch a video for an overview of the different ways SolidWorks solutions can empower the growth of your business.

How to Grow Your Business with SolidWorks Solutions

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