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3 Tools to Improve Your Efficiency When Working with 2D Files

3 Tools to Improve Your Efficiency When Working with 2D Files

11 October, 2013

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Are you an engineer or designer who works with 2D files? By now, you might already be an expert in drawing and designing in 2D, and have already established your own pace and routine. But have you ever wanted to be more productive and more efficient with your time? Here are three tools for you that you can use so you can make your drafting faster and more efficient!

Tool #1: DraftSight
DraftSight is a free CAD software that you can use to create, edit, and view DWG files. It is designed to have many features that proves to be very useful for professionals, but easy enough to be learned by students. It is completely free, and perfectly compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux. This means that anyone who does not have a CAD software that supports DWG-file compatibility can easily install it.

Obayashi Corporation, a Japanese construction company that makes extensive use of building information modeling (BIM), greatly reduced costs and accelerated their investments when they switched to using DraftSight.

The larger the organization, the greater the cost to maintain and manage software updates. So instead of maintaining their current 2D CAD software, they simply switched to DraftSight and were able to reallocate the budget and resources to expand the use of BIM.

Tool #2: eDrawings Viewer
Because not everyone can read and understand drafting drawings, this tool helps you conveniently represent any 3D and 2D drawings from many of the widely used CAD systems on the market today. Use this tool to easily interpret, understand, and communicate 2D and 3D design data.

You can use eDrawings Viewer when doing presentations to clients with point-and-click animations to showcase and help visualize your design. You can also use it when discussing changes and communicate improvements to a certain aspect of a product design that is currently in development.

By using this tool, collaborating with other engineers and designers, or just about anyone involved in product development, is just as easy as sharing a file over email. The data format that is used by eDrawings Viewer highly compresses the data so the file size is smaller.

Tool #3: SolidWorks Composer Player
SolidWorks Composer Player is another free tool that lets you use your existing 3D data to create high-quality graphics for technical illustrations, animations and other end-user interactive 3D experiences.

Use this tool to showcase to customers, clients, and partners how your product works, its different features and what you can do with it. You can use this to make a presentation to your manufacturing team how a product is assembled so they can better visualize the process and how the parts should fit perfectly together. You can also use it to explain to service representatives how repairs should be made.

Using traditional photos, screenshots and videos are already outdated because you can’t always show all the different sides and angles of a product. But this tool can help you adjust the angles, rotate, pan and zoom as you wish and prefer in real-time. You can even drill down to the tiny details. This way, you can better visualize and communicate the many features of your design.

Moving to 3D Design Is Not That Hard
However, sometimes it still is unavoidable that there may be errors in your 2D drafts drawings, which may cause parts to not fit together perfectly, or a design to not work as intended.

These problems can easily be solved by using 3D CAD: one of the major benefits of 3D CAD is that it lets you check for form, fit and function before spending anything to manufacture parts. Moving to 3D is easier with SolidWorks because it allows you to preserve your 2D DWG data so the transition is smoother and easier.

Still not convinced? Go ahead and watch as we demonstrate how transitioning form 2D is 3D is made easy with SolidWorks by clicking the image below.

Easily Make the Transition from 2D Drawings to 3D CAD Design Image

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