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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy From an Authorized Reseller

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy From an Authorized Reseller

4 October, 2013

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SolidWorks products are sold worldwide through a wide network of certified and trusted value-added resellers. We keep a database of our reseller network, so you can easily search and identify if a company is an authorized reseller of SolidWorks software. To look for authorized resellers in your area, visit this link: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/purchase/varlocator.htm

But why do you need to buy from an authorized reseller? What are they able to give that no other channel can? Read on for the Top 3 Reasons.

Reason #1: For Your Peace of Mind
A reseller is authorized because there is a formal business agreement between the reseller and SolidWorks. Inside this agreement is a set of privileges, benefits and other corporate assistance that SolidWorks will provide to its authorized reseller throughout the course of the business contract. This means that you can trust and have your peace of mind that what you’re buying from them is just like buying from SolidWorks directly.

Reason #2: Localized Support and Product Training
Only authorized SolidWorks resellers are able to provide a high caliber of service, most especially localized product training, startup services and continuous support. This means that there is always someone able to help you with any questions and concerns you may have in your local language.

Authorized SolidWorks resellers employ a trained staff of specialized technicians to help with any problems or inquiries about using SolidWorks. These trained technicians can help with anything from answering how-to questions and troubleshooting problems.

Reason #3: An Authorized Reseller Can Best Assess Your Needs
SolidWorks understands that each customer may have different processes for their engineering and design and may require slightly different ways of implementing their systems. Only an authorized SolidWorks reseller has the best capability to recommend the product that best meets your needs as a company.

Sign-Up For A SolidWorks Free Trial
Maybe you’re not yet ready to buy SolidWorks, and only wanted to try it out for yourself or your company. We are offering a free trial so you can find out for yourself how SolidWorks solutions can make a difference in your 3D CAD operations.

Simply click the link below and register with your details, we’ll tap into our network of resellers and they will be contacting to assist you.
SolidWorks Sign-Up For A Free Trial

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