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Case Study: 3 Ways How Daka International Ltd. Boosts Productivity Through SolidWorks 3D CAD

Case Study: 3 Ways How Daka International Ltd. Boosts Productivity Through SolidWorks 3D CAD

27 September, 2013

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Daka, one of the leading designer, developer & marketing companies in Hong Kong, has made its aggressive venture into the pool accessory market with the creation of the Sea-Doo Super Scooter Dive Propulsion vehicle (which has sold over 100,000 units as of this writing), and the portable and lightweight Dolphin water scooter. To be able to achieve these great accomplishments, Daka has chosen SolidWorks software because it provided the most efficient approach to meet the challenging design deadlines. Here are three ways on how the Hong Kong-based company has boosted its productivity through 3D CAD.

#1 Create Faster Design Cycles
The company’s chairman mentions that the design process for the Dolphin water scooter had been particularly challenging. They had to develop innovative products within a short period of time in order to overthrow other competitors and establish a new market for global consumers. Time-to-market was such a vital factor for them to be able to line up along major dealers and distributors. To meet this demand, Daka Research Ltd. has fully decided to use SolidWorks CAD package primarily because of the software’s intuitive user interface and it has the most efficient way to work.

With the use of the software, the design team managed to complete the Dolphin water scooter in a span of six months, 50 percent faster than their previous design cycles, which included a one-month complete redesign phase. The Feature Manager design tree feature helped with the model changes and had developed the Dolphin as a multi-bodied assembly within a single part file.

#2 Cut Development Costs By Half
The capability to utilize the SolidWorks eDrawings feature for a more efficient and cost-effective means to communicate and collaborate with tooling specialists in China was also vitally helpful. The Dolphin design contained specific details that couldn’t afford to be altered. The Chinese toolmakers who have received these design drafts were able to provide quality and timely feedback, thus giving them more time and eliminating potential errors and rework. eDrawings also opened the opportunity for the toolmakers to see what they could do and prepare for what was coming; as a result, they were able to easily prepare mold analyses and feedback. The design was completed so quickly, and they were even able to reduce development costs by half!

#3 Higher Productivity and More Orders
The company’s chairman says that by accelerating Dolphin water scooter’s time-to-market, Daka has managed to line up and secure huge orders from major retailers like Toys R Us and Sharper Image, and Canadian Tire, which confirmed a surprising total of 20,000 units on their initial order.

Reduced design cycle & development cost, expedited tooling and mold development and increased significant market share – all these came to be thanks to the intuitive and robust SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

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