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2D vs. 3D – Why bother making the switch anyway?

2D vs. 3D – Why bother making the switch anyway?

20 September, 2013

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The creation of 3D CAD Software many years ago has since revolutionized many industries, especially in design and engineering. It used to be that these designs were tediously drafted manually, and that designing and engineering something took many hours to finish!

3D CAD made products easier to design, so you can make revisions on the fly saving a lot of companies’ money and time. Using 3D CAD allows users to actually see the item beforehand through 3D modeling, and sometimes can eliminate the need for prototypes.

Is 3D CAD really expensive?
Some people argue that investing in 3D CAD software is expensive, but think about this: we are now increasingly working with digital systems and that trend is true in all industries.  Making 2D Drawings may sometimes be just as easy working with a 3D system but the output may not work well with other systems such as purchasing and manufacturing. You also can’t immediately use it for digital and rapid prototyping.

3D CAD systems on the other hand are able to integrate all these processes in just one unified system—from product design, determining the cost for each and every part of the assembly, up until creating the prototypes should the need arise. The advantage of a 3D CAD system is that you are able to save a lot of time and money throughout your whole design process.

Fast, Simple, and Efficient
2D drawings also do not have all information needed to pull out 3D data, which makes designs prone to errors and you have less time to identify and correct them. Using 3D models, individual parts or products can be scrutinized and edited at the same time. And if that is not good enough, you are also able to render the 3D models in lifelike images to better visualize your designs and share them in a format that almost anyone can understand and appreciate.

Some might also think that using a 3D software would mean more complex procedures and actions. However, using SolidWorks feels more intuitive because it is similar to the Windows’ user interface. This way, you can best get the job done with less effort and time.

Learn More About Switching from 2D to 3D
We have created a special video about switching from 2D to 3D using SolidWorks software. Simply click the link below to watch and learn more about how SolidWorks makes it easier and more convenient for you to make the switch.
Easily Make the Transition from 2D Drawings to 3D Design Image

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