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How To Choose the Right SolidWorks Version For Your Needs

How To Choose the Right SolidWorks Version For Your Needs

13 September, 2013

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Drafting and designing your 3D models takes not only creativity and effort, but also time. To be able to complete drafts flawlessly with less consumed time, SolidWorks 3D CAD software is definitely very useful for designers and engineers. SolidWorks 3D CAD software is capable of delivering many design functionalities so you can create 3D models faster and using a more productive design process.

What Can SolidWorks Do?
SolidWorks is capable of numerous useful features for better designer performance. CAD animation has easy-to-use tools that can help the user create a dynamic product presentation, thus saving more time and increasing output. It also has revision control, where you can track changes to designs with easy access to the most updated files available. You can save time and development costs by continuously checking your designs against cost targets with automated manufacturing cost estimation tools included in the SolidWorks software. You can create photorealistic renders and animations with the use of PhotoView 360. Other available features include part and assembly modeling, tolerance analysis, interference check, and a CAD library, where you can view and access pre-built CAD models and other CAD data.

SolidWorks is widely used by individuals and companies from various commercial industries, ranging from the fields of engineering, construction, electronics, and even aerodynamics. DAKA Designs Ltd., a Hong Kong-based leading designer, developer and marketer of innovative consumer products, used the SolidWorks to produce the SEA-DOO Seascooter Dolphin with 50% reduced design cycle, 50% less cost, fast-tracked tooling and molding development, and increased market share with the use of accelerated time-to-market. SolidWorks also produces software especially catered towards government agencies to quickly design defense equipment, arms and vessels.

Three SolidWorks Packages – Which One Is For You?
Apart from the beneficial tools and features, SolidWorks 3D CAD also offers flexibility to users available three different packages:

SolidWorks Standard focuses on providing robust 3D design abilities, performance and ease-of-use. SolidWorks Standard package features include basic 3D CAD, Part and Assembly Modeling, support for 2D Drawings, and the ability to collaborate and share CAD data with other users.

SolidWorks Professional delivers all the features of SolidWorks Standard with additional tools for better productivity & accuracy, and aid you convey your design information more efficiently.  SolidWorks Professional solutions include CAD libraries, advanced support for manufacturing design and costing, Photorealistic Rendering (using PhotoView 360), and eDrawings Professional to view your 2D and 3D designs.

SolidWorks Premium is an all-inclusive 3D design solution that has all the capabilities of SolidWorks Professional, plus additional comprehensive tools. SolidWorks Premium features include analysis for motion, parts and assemblies stack-up tolerance, routing of pipes tubes and electrical works, and support for reverse engineering using Scanto3D.

Sign-Up For A SolidWorks Free Trial
Ultimately, you don’t have to research all these things yourself because SolidWorks offers a free trial of our products. This way, we can help you correctly assess your needs and you can experience for yourself how SolidWorks solutions can make a difference in your 3D CAD operations.

Simply click the link below and register with your details to sign-up for a free SolidWorks Trial.
SolidWorks Sign-Up For A Free Trial

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