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TCSWUG Meet- 2013

TCSWUG Meet- 2013

23 April, 2013

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tcswugSolidWorks celebrated its anniversary of the TCSWUG (Tangerang City SolidWorks User Group) on the 13th of April at the Kampoeng Aer Resort in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia. With particularly high number of 3D CAD users in the Tangerang area, headed by one of the resellers of SolidWorks, TCSWUG is now a registered SolidWorks user group for the past four years. This fun filled event is targeted at showcasing SolidWorks as the Flagship product for the Industrial world. Sharing sentiments are the members of TCSWUG, predominantly enthusiastic users and SolidWorks Lovers from the Tangerang area who meet every year and create a special activity for all the members to interact and communicate better through this forum. This year in addition to the members from the Education World, the event saw representatives from Pamulang and Tangerang Muhammadiyah University to add to the enthusiastic lot. The event being a sprawling success as apart from the participation in the activities, the members also witnessed a great show giving the entire event a sense of closely knit discussion forum where people interacted and shared their ideas at length. The event concluded with the distribution of souvenirs from the SolidWorks Singapore team to the members bringing together a good vibe amongst the members and the participants.

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