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Model Selection Made Easier

Model Selection Made Easier

23 July, 2012

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When working with your models in the graphics window, there are several tools that you can use to aid in manipulating your parts and assemblies. Magnifying Glass By default, this is toggled by pressing “G” on the keyboard. Users who are unfamiliar with the command may have stumbled upon it when wanting to Zoom to Fit (“F” on the keyboard, by default). When activated, a small circular window will be created around the present position of the mouse cursor. The cursor is free to move within the window, and when it is position close to the edge, the window will be dragged along with it, allowing you to focus on other areas of the model.

Original Displayed Model

Model with Magnifying Glass Activated

By rotating the mouse wheel, the zooming function is only applied to the small window instead of the entire graphics window. This is especially useful when attempting to mate smaller components to a much larger model. Also, when dealing with large assemblies that usually slow the performance of SolidWorks due to the complexity of the geometries to be displayed on-screen, using the magnifying glass can help to improve productivity as only a tiny viewport is being updated, as opposed to zooming in and out of the entire model and waiting for the visuals to be updated in the graphics area. The magnifying glass function works in parts, assemblies and drawings.   Selection Filter You can restrict the types of entities that your mouse-clicks can select by using the selection filter. Pressing “F5″ on the keyboard will bring up the Selection Filter toolbar at the bottom left corner of the screen.

  From it, you click on the various classes of entities (edges, faces, solid bodies, planes, etc.) that can be selected when the filter is activated. Note that you can enable more than one class of entities at the same time. If you are unsure which button does what, you can always mouse over individual buttons for a pop-up explanation. With the filter activated, a small countersunk will appear next to the mouse cursor . To enable or disable the filter, press “F6″.

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