LIVE Webinar : Maximize Product Life with SolidWorks Simulation by Stephen Endersby

LIVE Webinar : Maximize Product Life with SolidWorks Simulation by Stephen Endersby

19 January, 2012

For mechanical engineers, failure due to fatigue is the most common form of mechanical failure. Once you understand the impact of fatigue on your design, you can: • Optimize material and manufacturing processes for maximum fatigue life. • Set service intervals to ensure extended product life. • Reduce the lifetime cost of the product while ensuring on-time delivery. Discover SolidWorks Fatigue Simulation and see how it can be incorporated in design to improve a product’s fatigue resistance.
Stephen Endersby is the Simulation Project Manager at DS SolidWorks Corp. With his wide exposure to many industry problems and expensive education including a PhD in Analysis and a MSc in Aerodynamics Stephen, he is well versed in the application of simulation to solve real life problems.
Date: 27th Jan 2012 | Time: 11 AM SST/GMT + 8hrs. Webinar will be recorded and you will be able to view the recorded video on demand. Click here to register

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