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Improvements Made To The SolidWorks Forum

Improvements Made To The SolidWorks Forum

2 September, 2011

Improvements have been made to the SolidWorks Forums in general. Changes made in the areas such as Discussions, Ratings and Likings… Read more >>>

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  • Damodhara says:

    Having LEARNED Pro-E and Solidworks simultaneously and side by side, I’d preefr Solidworks anyday of the week. FAR more user friendly, Pro-E is user hostile. PTC designs their products the way they want and doesn’t care how their customers feel. DSS uses customer feedback to make improvements to Solidworks. Also, the only people who preefr Pro-E are the old dinosaurs who don’t know how to use anything else. The young upcoming generation of engineers and drafters absolutely hate Pro-Engineer and preefr Solidworks. Linked In’ reported Solidworks users being up 13% in 2011, while Pro-Engineer users are down 11%. I told a head hunter that I wouldn’t be interested in any drafting jobs that use Pro-E, she replied that most companies in my area already use or are switching to Solidworks and very few use Pro-E anymore. So if that’s any indicator, hopefully DSS puts PTC out of business and spares us sane thinking designers the agony of wasting time trying to get Pro-E to do the simplest of tasks.

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  • ehvikzb says:

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