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SolidWorks Add-in Toolbars and the SolidWorks API

SolidWorks Add-in Toolbars and the SolidWorks API

28 June, 2011

By default, toolbars in SolidWorks are only displayed when documents are open. In the SolidWorks user interface, you can change this behavior by clicking View >Toolbars and selecting the toolbar you want to display. Clicking View > Toolbars does not work with SolidWorks add-ins. Instead, to display an add-in’s toolbar when there are no open documents, you can add the following code to your add-in. NOTE: This code is written in C#; however, you can implement the same functionality in VB.NET and C++. In the ISWAddin::ConnectToSW method in your add-in, add the following calls:             string callbackFunction = “addinCallback”;             iSwApp.AddCallback(cookie, callbackFunction); After adding the previous code, add the callback to your add-in:         public bool addinCallback(int cmd, int data, int dsp)         {             return true;         } 

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