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SolidWorks Simulation Helps Keep Your Beer Cold

SolidWorks Simulation Helps Keep Your Beer Cold

6 April, 2011

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So it’s a nice afternoon, and you’ve decided to go out and throw some steaks on the grill. Maybe some vegetables too (I like asparagus). And naturally, you’re going to have a beer or three while you’re cooking. But where do you set your cold beer while you’re cooking? If you’re like me, it sits on the side shelf, less than a foot away from the flames. Better drink it quick, because it’s not going to be cold very long right? But how much time until it’s *too* warm? Our Simulation team was wondering the same thing, so they put together a video that shows what happens when that cold beer meets the hot air from your grill. It also shows what might happen if the grill manufacturer skimps on materials. In all seriousness, this is an entertaining and informative look at one of the less-talked-about aspects of SolidWorks Simulation–thermal analysis. If you’re interested in learning how SolidWorks can help you manage and mitigate heat-related problems, you should definitely spend a few minutes to watch. All you have to do isĀ click here to watch the video. You’ll have to enter your email address to watch the full video, so here’s a quick preview to help you see what it’s all about.

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