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How to quickly split parts

How to quickly split parts

21 July, 2010

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Here is a little tip on how to split parts in half or quarts (or more) very quickly. I discovered this not too long ago and I find it very useful. Launch the Symmetry Check from the Tools menu. There, you will find an option, Automatic Symmetry Split. This functionality will automatically reduce a part to its smallest repeatable symmetrical body. It DOES NOT CARE about the model orientation so it’s great working with imported models without the need to create symmetry planes and such. It’s also especially useful when you run analyses using the SolidWorks Simulation software to reduce your solving time to a minimum. Watch a video recording, recorded by Value Added Reseller Javelin Technologies here: Have fun! PS: If you are running SW2009, simply activate the SW Utilities add-in and the option will be made available for you. [Original post]

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