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Simulation Tip: Get some digits off a plot

Simulation Tip: Get some digits off a plot

2 June, 2010

Ever wish that you could easily read numbers off a plot, well there is a freeware solution out there for just this reason: Plot Digitizer. I really like the Zoom feature so that I can easily pinpoint my selections! Download the program from: No need to install, it comes as an executable and includes a help file, info on how it works and a sample JPEG image of a plot to try it out. First, calibrate by selecting any 3 points (manually typing in the plot location for each point), and then click on the data points using the zoom preview to get it right on the spot, and automatically it creates a nice spreadsheet of all your points which you can save out to many formats including Excel. Remember that SolidWorks Simulation can read in a text file for material properties and load time curves, so this can be very handy for those purposes. Here are the features from the website: Plot Digitizer: Plot Digitizer is a useful program for extracting data from a linear, semi-log, or log-log plot. Using an optical scanner, create a Bitmap or JPEG image of the plot and open the image file in Plot Digitizer. Then, after calibration, you can extract the data values by merely clicking on the data points. Features * A zoom window aides you in clicking on precisely the point you are interested in. * Automatically corrects for the rotation of the image you’re analyzing as well as the non-orthogonality of the axes. * Any 3 non-collinear points can be used for calibration. (Calibration points do not need to be on the axes.) * Save your progress at any time in a “project” file. * Label the calibration points you have selected. (Labels can be toggled on and off.) * Label the points you’re digitizing on the calibrated image. (Labels can be toggled on and off.) * Export the calibrated image (showing the point labels) to a bmp or jpeg file. * Export data to an ASCII, an MS Excel or an MS Word file


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