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More post-processing tips for Flow Simulation

More post-processing tips for Flow Simulation

1 April, 2010

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Here’s a few new Flow Simulation Post-Processing Tips that may help you out in creating both meaningful and exciting result plots. Have you ever had problems with showing Surface Plots, where it basically shows none of the surfaces that you selected; an example of this is given below: If you make a simple change to the definition of the Surface Plot, by adding the Offset option. You will get the expected results, as shown below: To get the same Flow Trajectory animations as shown in the following YouTube videos: or this one… Create a new flow trajectory, with spheres and a large density (1,000 or more), on the plane parallel to the flow direction, and slide the plane just before the solid body. Create an animation, click on More, and then right-click the magenta line and choose Properties. Set the impulse to restart every 0.5 sec (or whatever looks best). A few thanks goes to Dolf Broekaart, Manager of Simulation from VAR Design Solutions out of the Netherlands, who showed me some great new ways to make use of the flow trajectory animations. Thanks Dolf! [Original post from SolidWorks Community forums]

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