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SolidWorks India Community Launched!

SolidWorks India Community Launched!

16 June, 2009

picture-61 SolidWorks is proud to bring to you – your one stop destination for all your product design needs. Why do you need another community you ask?? This is because this is not just “another” community you might have come across in your various search journeys on look out for information. After all, this community is not our community… it’s yours’. The only role we have kept for ourselves is making sure you do not have to face any downtime on your information requirements and that there is always some “expert” out there to solve your queries. Why do we want to do this? Again very simple, we are very selfish, we want our customers– design engineers like you, to really enjoy yourselves. All work and no play will obviously make jack a grumpy designer, which none of us wants…right?? It’s not all talk here though… The community offers users a host of features as listed below:-
  1. User Profile – designers can upload their profiles and showcase their portfolios.
  2. Design Central – a gallery to showcase designers’ best designs.
  3. Discussion Lounge – a forum to share information.
  4. Periodic Contests for designers.
  5. Blog – that will make you avail the best of SolidWorks training materials, and update you on everything happening at SolidWorks.
The problem with the above features is that they are too direct. The real essence of joining the community comes from the following: LEARN – The opportunity to explore ideas, discuss doubts and resolve queries with the best experts online SHARE – The opportunity to be the expert, to discuss ideas, answer questions and just chill INNOVATE – Only exploring and discussing ideas do not make history, actually implementing does… Follow your heart, innovate. Our aim is to make the community your most loved place on the web, now isn’t that a selfish dream… So what are you waiting for… start contributing!

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  • Prashant says:

    I want names of major players of plastic mould mfg. using Solid Works in india mainly western india.

  • Hello Prashant. You might want to ask to India community members at I am sure they will be able to direct you to the appropriate contacts. Cheers. Clement

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