• Jesika says:

    Due to SnowTech’s ties with certain cpoooratirns, I was trained on what used to be Unigraphics NX, which has since been bought by Siemens. It’s somewhat amazing how fast the capabilities have changed in the last 5 years or so, as design software starts to take advantage of the ubiquity of multi-core processing. There also seems to be a tendency towards Adobe-like toolbars, so that once you’ve configured your workspace, you can do things efficiently, but it does take awhile to get to that point. Remote desktopping is rarely the most efficient way to do anything interactive: I’m a bit surprised that your undergrad university did it that way. License checkout systems have been the norm in my experience. These can still have problems, especially at the end of the semester, when *everyone* wants to use the same software, but at least you’re running locally.

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