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Creating Configurations on the Fly

Creating Configurations on the Fly

21 January, 2009

solidworks-configurations-on-the-fly-1a DID YOU KNOW… In SolidWorks 2008/2009, we can select the Configure feature option to change the configuration of specific items such as: dimensions and suppression states for multiple configurations without the use of a design table. With the Configure feature dialog we can modify multiple items by CTRL selecting more than one item before selecting Configure feature. We can even create new configurations from within the “Configure feature” dialog. I am convinced that this new dialog will be a great asset when it comes to configuration management. solidworks-configurations-on-the-fly-1b As a side note users running SolidWorks 2009 SP0.0 will notice that when they select the option to specify the configurations while editing a dimension, they will get the Configure feature dialog. However, In SolidWorks 2009 EV1.0 SolidWorks has returned to displaying the “Specify Configurations” dialog. ————————————— Expert in SolidWorks? Submit your own CAD tips to the SolidWorks community, and become famous!

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