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SolidWorks Labs Adds New Applications

SolidWorks Labs Adds New Applications

16 December, 2008

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Step behind the curtain and play with not-yet-released technologies, test-drive SolidWorks functionality prototypes, and maybe even influence our future…And according to DS SolidWorks CTO Austin O’Malley: “It gives anyone in the design community a way to be first to find out what’s new and what’s potentially a major capability in CAD down the road.” In addition, SolidWorks Labs has updated the entire Web site – The new applications are:
  • Treehouse – Users can create graphical assembly before beginning design
  • Tagger – See a list of tags used in a document & dedicated tab in the task panel
  • Presentation Studio – Creation high-impact interactive PDF files
  • COLLADA Export – Add-in for 3D object and motion for Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio.
The SolidWorks labs website is available at Clement Donzel Dassault Systemes SolidWorks

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