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Like working things out for yourself ?

Like working things out for yourself ?

21 October, 2008

Have you tried the SolidWorks Knowledge Base ? If you’re like me you will spend hours working it out before asking for help. I work as an Application Engineer and spend my day problem solving. Most of the resources I use are available to Subscription Customers on the Customer Portal. I would encourage you to take a look – one of these is the SolidWorks Knowledge Base, a powerful resource that is available at your fingertips. This is the same Knowledge Base that we as resellers have access to. Log into the customer portal – you will find the Knowledge Base under My Support along with a host of other helpful links as seen below. The knowledge base can easily be searched just be typing in some keywords. Let’s look at an example – I have a Multi Seat SNL License with both Office Premium and Office Professional how are the licenses allocated when accessing SolidWorks – type it in the knowledge base and see… I will search by a few key words as seen below. As you can see you are presented with a host of answers – these will either be Solutions written up by SolidWorks Support Engineers or SPR’s if there are known issues. Your search can be refined Source, Product, Area, Sub Area & Status and you can also simply scroll thru looking for your answer. Let’s look at the answer to our question as it’s regularly asked and posting it here will be of value Solution Id: S-07286 Area: FAQ Question: How would Office Premium and Office Professional floating licenses work in a SolidNetWork License (SNL) environment? Topic: SolidNetWork License Answer: First, it is important to understand that a company which has purchased, for example, two seats of Office Professional would have a license file which shows two licenses of SolidWorks and two licenses of Office Professional. If a user just turns on SolidWorks with no add-ins, he will use just the Solidworks license. Once he turns on one of the Office add-ins, the Office Pro license will be checked out. Any Office license moves as a bundle and will allow the user to turn on any Office add-in. SolidWorks queries the license server in sequence for license types which may support the product an end-user is enabling. For example, if a user turns on PhotoWorks, a request is made at the license server for a PhotoWorks license, an Office license, an Office Pro License, and then an Office Premium license. Any of those license types will allow PhotoWorks to add-in, so SolidWork will use the most efficient license type first. Therefore, the case of a mixture of Office Premium and Office Pro will work like this: User A will check-out an Office Pro license if he adds-in any of the Office Pro modules. If he adds in COSMOSWorks® Designer, COSMOSMotionTM, or Routing, he will use an Office Premium license instead. Several hours later, another User (User B) turns on an Office Pro add-in, like PhotoWorks. If no more Office Pro licenses are available, this will check-out an Office Premium license. That user will retain the Office Premium license until he turns off all add-ins or closes SolidWorks. Knowledge is Power start using the SolidWorks Knowledge base today Linsay Armstrong Application Engineer Intercad Australia/New Zealand ————————————— Expert in SolidWorks? Submit your own CAD tips to the SolidWorks community, and become famous!

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  • Josh says:

    ha, the SNL question is one I just went there for a few weeks ago. THe knowledge base has actually helped me a lot. and I know my reseller has it up if I’m on the phone with him :) – so it moves issues along a little better.

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