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Tired of updating Multiple Workstations at your site?

Tired of updating Multiple Workstations at your site?

9 October, 2008

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Tired of updating Multiple Workstations at your site – if you maintain SolidWorks on more than 1 Workstation then you should consider using an Admin Image. Have you had the situation where multiple users on your site are all downloading and installing service packs separately? Using up valuable bandwidth and productive time – if so then using an admin image is just what you need An admin image allows you to install on multiple machines concurrently. When the admin image is Service Packed all the clients can be automatically updated – a huge time saver Creating an admin image is now very easy using the SolidWorks Installation Manager. Gone are the days of needing to create multiple admin images for each add-in product using command line syntax. The SolidWorks Installation Manager guides you thru the simple process of creating an Admin Image that can contain all the add-ins available including the likes of SolidWorks Simulation & Motion. A full guide is available on the Customer Portal once you’re logged in take the link for Admin Guides under the references section. Then select the SolidWorks Installation and Administration Guide – once there you can browse to the section on Admin images as shown below right. Once your image is created you still have the ability to edit options if you have specific requirement for various computers – for example you may need to change serial numbers or add-ins that are being installed. The SolidWorks Administrative Image Option editor is designed to help you with this – the new 2009 version has been enhanced with additional options as shown below So I would encourage you start using an Admin Image its well worth the effort and will save you and your staff allot of time… Linsay Armstrong Applications Engineer Intercad Australia/New Zealand ————————————— Expert in SolidWorks? Submit your own CAD tips to the SolidWorks community, and become famous!

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